Features & Advantages of the HubTrack® Transportation Systems

New  Transportation

Hyperefficient, Powerful & Precise 

Helical Traction Drive System

  • Proprietary design to support & actuate helical rotors tracked within and across cross-opened tubular rails.


  • Proprietary approach to displace any load outside the tubular rail guideways.



Helical rotors (Amove along the rotational axis of their hub's radial motion led by the helical traction pattern set by the angular position of rollers (B).



Proprietary Design & Drive Systems


The HubTrack® drive system is a revolutionary advantageous all-in-one traction & transmission

that can provide ''7 in 1'’ functions. 

          Advantages of the HubTrack® Drive System



Frontier energy efficiency

Simple, Synthetic & Compact

  • convert energy efficiently into motion with a unique gearless and continuously variable helical transmission. 


  • enable direct traction motorization continuously at optimal full-load rate along every operational variations.


  • combine traction and transmission functions in a single system for acceleration, deceleration and braking.




Frontier energy conservation 

Practical, Precise & Powerful


  • allow the drive wheels to conserve their axial velocity during vehicle stationary stops and direction reversals, thereby achieving the function of an immediate flywheel that conserves angular momentum energy at all times.


  • deliver consistently full torque couple, very smoothly, independently of gradient, cargo load and linear speed.




Frontier logistics operational efficiency

Ultimate input cost-minimization & output value maximization


  • operate consistently at optimal operational efficiency upon exact required availability and capacity to ensure  efficient cycle time, agile utilization of transit fleet, and optimal ratio of output value by input cost and life cycle.


  • displace vehicles autonomously or in series for all job shop, flow shop and hauling operations scheduling.


  • allow variable and constant transit operations, and seamless transshipping, loading and unloading operations.




Frontier security capital efficiency

All-in-one vehicle & guideway solution to deliver

the functional advantages of conveyors, trains & trucks


  • generate safe capital efficiency in the form of added value and economies of scale through providing multi-functional and multi-modal standardized pooling opportunities by means of one synthetic and customizable technological solution.


  • enable all-environment access through using modular guideway assembly systems that may be adapted into many courses and configurations.


  • customizable into various vehicle segments for multi-sectoral access and integration.