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Intermodal Conveyors for Continuous Displacement

Management Systems

Multi-Modal Operations

Simpler & safer operations.

More productivityquality & sustainability.

HubTrack® Management Systems determine and execute multi-functional and multi-modal logistics operations involving the HubTrack® Drive Systems at the Frontier of efficiency, security and sustainability.


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The Efficiency, Security & Sustainability Frontier Execution Model System (ESS-FEMS) facilitates the life-cycle tracking of products and services involving the HubTrack® Drive Systems, and determines their most ecologically neutral implementation, meaning as possibly circular, along supply chains and distribution channels.


End-to-End & All-Flow Material Handling Solutions in All Environments

HubTrack® Management Systems

Continuous flow management software to define the optimal operations pooling ratio between cost-minimization input allocation function, and output value maximization function.


All-Shop Manufacturing Production


End-to-End Sorting & Docking Integration


Compact Automatic Cargo Sorting


Intermodal Rolling Stock Automation


Integrated Mobility Solutions for Businesses & Consumers


Turnkey Distribution Solutions

Software Platform

Algorithm and table software model system to determine the most productive logistics operations' execution of the HubTrack® Drive Systems towards multi-functional and multi-modal circular pooling.


Customizable software module system to control the circular pooling execution of the HubTrack® Drive Systems' operations among multiple production, distribution and general transportation systems.

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The Frontier Flow Operations Control Module System (FFO-CMS) continuously controls the HubTrack® Drive Systems at the operational frontier of efficiency, security and sustainability.

To reach circular standards at best in transportation intensive sectors, the FFO-CMS relies on the capital and operational cost-minimization function of the ESS-FEMS to maximize the HubTrack® Drive Systems' capacity to link or replace multiple transportation systems, and thereby to simplify operations overall. 

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