Intermodal Conveyors for Continuous Displacement

Multi-Modal Logistics

Simpler & safer logistics.

More productivity, quality & sustainability.

HubTrack® Management Systems determine and execute multi-functional and multi-modal logistics operations involving the HubTrack® Drive Systems at the Frontier of efficiency, security and sustainability.


Software Platform









Algorithm and table software model system to determine the most productive logistics operations' execution of the HubTrack® Drive Systems towards multi-functional and multi-modal circular pooling.


The Efficiency, Security & Sustainability Frontier Execution Model System (ESS-FEMS) facilitates the life-cycle tracking of products and services involving the HubTrack® Drive Systems, and determines their most ecologically neutral implementation, meaning as possibly circular, along supply chains and distribution channels.




Customizable software module system to control the circular pooling execution of the HubTrack® Drive Systems' operations among multiple production, distribution and general transportation systems.


The Frontier Flow Operations Control Module System (FFO-CMS) continuously controls the HubTrack® Drive Systems at the operational frontier of efficiency, security and sustainability.


End-to-End & All-Flow Material Handling Solutions in All Environments

HubTrack® Management Systems

Continuous flow management software to define the optimal circular pooling ratio between cost-minimization input allocation function, and output value maximization function.


All-Shop Manufacturing Production


End-to-End Sorting & Docking Integration


Compact Automatic Cargo Sorting


Intermodal Rolling Stock Automation


Integrated Mobility Solutions for Businesses & Consumers


Turnkey Distribution Solutions

To reach circular standards at best in transportation intensive sectors, the FFO-CMS relies on the capital and operational cost-minimization function of the ESS-FEMS to maximize the HubTrack® Drive Systems' capacity to link or replace multiple transportation systems, and thereby to simplify operations overall. 

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