HubTrack Corp. is the official & primary worldwide market maker of the HubTrack® Transportation Systems, a corner stone of sustainable innovation & accessible solutions.

HubTrack® is designed & managed to deliver competitive logistics operations in order for our clients & partners to provide the best products & services. 


HubTrack® is a new & proprietary transportation system driven by helical traction.

Our business consists in developing with clients & partners better mobility access between people, resources & capital through :

Improving efficiency, security & sustainability in transportation intensive sectors.

Enabling seamless multi-modal flow operations along supply chains & distribution channels.

Deploying accessible, reliable & multi-functional transportation systems globally.

Addressing the risks posed by climate change, depletion of resources & a circular economy.

Our main mission is 

''to design and to commercialize the HubTrack® Systems

as key transportation, management and financial solutions

among the most efficient, secure, sustainable

and accessible ones in the world''


To succeed at delivering our mission at best, we provide a reliable access to the HubTrack® Systems by means of our supply and demand market making media platform, a risk-free hub of designated market making partners, supply and production licensees, sales and operations franchisees, and of end user clients.


We will also finance a future Foundation to support the scientific research and development of high-end HubTrack® Systems, and to provide basic HubTrack® Systems in response to humanitarian and environmental crises. 


Through the future Foundation, scientific partners will bring the HubTrack® Systems to evermore efficient, secure and sustainable levels, and humanitarian and environmental partners will in turn provide basic HubTrack® Systems for an evermore reliable, fast and safe access to essential resources.



We observe 6 key business and human values through which we pursue our mission.


Key Business Values


Transparency : Access to same information at the same time, rational decision making, and honest relations to assure cooperation.


Equality : Fair opportunities, inclusiveness, loyal competition, reasonable agreements and business conditions.


Determination : Positive decision making for most reliable access to the HubTrack Systems, meaning allowing the most efficient, secure and sustainable deployment of the HubTrack® Systems in respect to optimal and continuous organizational improvement to define and meet the most sustainable frontier of access to resources on the longest term possible.



Key Human Values


Modesty : We propose significantly different approaches in the fields of transportation engineering, management and financing, but we do not claim holding the sole set of answers and solutions through the business opportunities we bring to market and to all challenges we try resolving with our proposed approaches. 


Respect : We respect the diversity of our partner's, client's and general public's views that may diverse from ours, namely over our said determination to deliver the most efficient, secure, sustainable and accessible products and services possible, and to address the challenges of climate change, resource depletion and a circular economy.


Change : We welcome different ideas and approaches that may be complementary, pragmatic and valuable to our mission in order to become better as a company and to deliver greater products and services for greater performances and most positive outcome. 



Our business model is 

''dedicated to the integrated execution of

the most efficient, secure & sustainable

supply, production, distribution & operation 

of the HubTrack® Systems''

The HubTrack® Systems are commercialized by means of a contractual market making platform among officially authorized Market Applications Partners of HubTrack Corp. for the benefit of HubTrack® End User Clients.



HUBTRACK Corp. manages and oversees the optimal commercialization of the HubTrack® Systems with its Market Applications Partners to deliver : 


→  Best quality of products and services.


→  Ultimate flexibility and responsiveness for perfect execution of orders.


→  Fastest pipeline process between suppliers, producers, distributors and operators.


→  Cheapest overall costs of production and distribution services.


→  Turnkey solutions for hybrid (vertical and horizontal) market integration.


→  Optimal life cycle and time cycle of the overall value-creation chain tracking. 


→  Optimal industrial, commercial and institutional acceptability.

The leasing and purchasing of the HubTrack® Systems is enabled by means of the HubTrack Corp. Supply & Demand Circular Clearing Market Maker™, a central market place media that connects advantageously all supply & demand Partners of HubTrack Corp.  for :



→  Best price, choice, quality and safest purchasing and leasing experience.


→  Transparent, fair and equal decision-making with real-time open price disclosure. 


→  Closest and most reliable relations with clients.


→  Optimal value-creation determination.


→  Demand driven logistics, chain management and partnership cooperation.


→  Client oriented organization of functions and processes.


→  Product design customization for market segments and user requirements.


→  Trans-industrial excellence with multi-functional products.


→  Real-time monitoring for agile and flexible operations.


→  Operational response beforehand and just-in-time.


→  Integrated pipeline and chain cost control.

→  Circular clearing of transaction to limit counterparty liquidity risk.