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About Us

HubTrack Corp. is the main market maker of the HubTrack® mobility solutions.

HubTrack® is a new & patented transportation system driven by helical traction.

HubTrack® transportation systems are designed & managed to deliver competitive logistics operations in order for our clients & partners to provide the best products & services. 

Our business consists in developing with clients & partners better mobility & access between people, resources & capital through :

Improving the efficiency, security & sustainability of goods & people mobility.

Enabling seamless production, distribution & transportation logistics operations.

Deploying reliable, customisable & globally accessible transportation solutions.

Rising to the challenges posed by climate change, the depletion of resources & a circular economy.

Mission & Values

Our main mission is :

''To design & to commercialize the HubTrack® Systems among the best mobility solutions in the world to connect everything, everyone, everywhere, sustainably.'' 


To deliver our mission at best, HubTrack Corp. provides a reliable access to the HubTrack® Systems by means of a well-financed marketplace for more than 60 industrial hubs called ''Hub-Industries'' in hand with HubTrack Capital inc. for the benefit of End User Clients & investors.


We observe a set of key business and human values through which we pursue our mission, namely : 

Human Values





Business Values






Business Model

Our business model is :

''Dedicated to the integrated execution of the best HubTrack® production, distribution & transportation solutions among resources, people & capital.''


The HubTrack® Systems are commercialized by means of a dual contractual market making platform among officially authorized Market Makers, Supply & Production Licensees, & Sales & Operations Franchisees of HubTrack Corp. and HubTrack Capital inc. for the benefit of HubTrack® End User Clients.


HubTrack Corp. manages and oversees the optimal production and distribution of the HubTrack® Systems to End User Clients with Hub-Industries Contracts for : 


→  Best quality of products and services.


→  Ultimate flexibility and responsiveness for perfect execution of orders.


→  Fastest pipeline process between suppliers, producers, distributors and operators.


→  Cheapest overall costs of production and distribution services.


→  Turnkey solutions for hybrid (vertical and horizontal) market integration.


→  Optimal life cycle and time cycle of the overall value-creation chain tracking. 


→  Optimal industrial, commercial and institutional acceptability.

The financing, purchasing, rental, leasing, buyback or leaseback of the HubTrack® Systems with HubTrack Capital inc. is enabled by means of HubTrack Life Contracts for :

→  Best price, choice, quality and safest purchasing and leasing experience.


→  Transparent, fair and equal decision-making with real-time open price disclosure. 


→  Closest and most reliable relations with clients.


→  Optimal value-creation determination through cross-selling value proposition.


→  Demand driven logistics, chain management and partnership cooperation.


→  Client oriented organization of functions and processes.


→  Product design customization for market segments and user requirements.


→  Trans-industrial excellence with multi-functional products.


→  Real-time monitoring for agile and flexible operations.


→  Operational response beforehand and just-in-time.


→  Integrated pipeline and chain cost control.

→  Circular clearing of transaction to limit counterparty liquidity risk. 




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