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Purchasing & Leasing

To proceed to the purchasing & leasing of your HubTrack® products and services, we will guide you towards official Sales & Operations Franchisees (SOF) and Market Making Partners (MMP) who will assist you into the selection of your most suited solutions for your needs before executing a Hub-Industries Contract (HIC). 

Supply & Production Licensees (SPL) can also assist you into validating customised products and services for your specific applications and logistics operations, including the drive vehicle model, control system, energy supply and rail guideway configuration.

The purchasing and leasing of your HubTrack® products and services by means of a Hub-Industries Contract (HIC) requires the execution of a HubTrack Life™ Contract (HLC) by an official HubTrack Capital inc. financial partner associated with your SOF.

For assistance & to be directed to your MMP, SOF or SPL :


Call Us at 1-84-HUB-WORLD (1-844-829-6753)

Email Us at 

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