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Intermodal Conveyors for Continuous Displacement


Contract Execution & Resource Allocation

Secure & efficient allocation of rights & purchases

HubTrack Corp. Partners & End User Clients benefit from a central marketplace platform named the Supply & Demand Circular Clearing Market Maker™ to manage each & all business operations & transactions involving the HubTrack® Systems.



Advantages & Benefits of the Supply & Demand  Circular Clearing Market Maker ™ 

The HubTrack® Systems are commercialized by means of the the Supply & Demand Circular Clearing Market Maker™ (SDCCMM), a central market making platform. 


Based on the business model framework of HubTrack Corp., the SDCCMM serves as a supply and demand market place connection between Market Applications Partners  (Market Making Partners, Supply & Production Licensee, Sales & Operations Franchisees) and HubTrack® End User Clients. 



  • Provides a unique central contractual partnership platform to guarantee a risk-free business environment over liquidity, availability, delivery and quality among producers, distributors and customers thanks to such key function provided by the HubTrack® Market Making Partners (MMP).


  • Allows an optimal allocation of the HubTrack® Systems' production and distribution rights accordingly to the End User Clients' demand by circular clearing market making between Supply & Production Licensees (SPL) and Sales & Operations Franchisees (SOF).


  • Enables End User Clients to choose their HubTrack® Systems on-demand, at best quality, fair price and always at their frontier efficiency, security and sustainability.


  • Assures the customization of HubTrack® Systems accordingly to all End User Clients' specific market applications, including their delivery, installation, and operation.


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