Intermodal Conveyors for Continuous Displacement


Contract Execution & Resource Allocation

Secure & efficient allocation of rights & purchases

HubTrack Corp. Partners & End User Clients benefit from a central marketplace platform named the Supply & Demand Circular Clearing Market Maker™ to manage each & all business operations & transactions involving the HubTrack® Systems.



Advantages & Benefits of the Supply & Demand  Circular Clearing Market Maker ™ 

The HubTrack® Systems are commercialized by means of the the Supply & Demand Circular Clearing Market Maker™ (SDCCMM), a central market making platform. 


Based on the business model framework of HubTrack Corp., the SDCCMM serves as a supply and demand market place connection between Market Applications Partners  (Market Making Partners, Supply & Production Licensee, Sales & Operations Franchisees) and HubTrack® End User Clients. 



  • Provides a unique central contractual partnership platform to guarantee a risk-free business environment over liquidity, availability, delivery and quality among producers, distributors and customers thanks to such key function provided by the HubTrack® Market Making Partners (MMP).


  • Allows an optimal allocation of the HubTrack® Systems' production and distribution rights accordingly to the End User Clients' demand by circular clearing market making between Supply & Production Licensees (SPL) and Sales & Operations Franchisees (SOF).


  • Enables End User Clients to choose their HubTrack® Systems on-demand, at best quality, fair price and always at their frontier efficiency, security and sustainability.


  • Assures the customization of HubTrack® Systems accordingly to all End User Clients' specific market applications, including their delivery, installation, and operation.


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Funds & Equities




HubTrack® Funds & Equities are useful solutions to finance responsibly the commercialization of global and sustainable technologies that must drive the ongoing shift towards a circular economy.


Such ''sustainability solutions'' will and must thrive at the Efficiency, Security & Sustainability Frontier of life-ecosystems and akin sustainable transportation and logistics systems, worldwide, forever.


To begin with, the HubTrack® Funds & Equities will serve as intermediate and collateral means to build sustainable value over the HubTrack Systems' capitalized assets. Such financial products and services will allow a better funding, transferring and sharing of mutual risks, upside and returns involved along the full commercialization of the HubTrack® Drive Systems.


The said Securities will be initially offered privately and publicly through 2021 and 2022, as an alternative generation of value-capping and alternative risk transfer derivatives with exclusive and third party authorized financial partners.


The main objective will be to better integrate within the underlying capitalization involved along the HubTrack® Systems' commercialization, the opportunity to hedge in the overall and general risks and opportunities for Frontier sustainability solutions; and moreover, opportunities to mutually hedge and share the returns from the very capital influxes needed and generated for such Frontier sustainability solutions' thriving.


Ranging from micro to macro credit forms of capital influxes, HubTrack Corp.-led Frontier sustainability solutions' backing will include, and not limited to, seed, venture, private, public, institutional, investment and conventional chartered banking.


The said micro to macro credit forms of capital influxes will back HubTrack-linked initiatives as the rapid shifting in the unknowns of the world life-ecosystems' natural life cycles and equilibriums has definitely come into effect, in many historical and scientific regards.







The Fondation HubTrack® Mobilites Mondiales / HubTrack® World Mobilities Foundation will come into play as a useful institution to finance responsibly the non-profit commercialization of global and sustainable technologies.


HubTrack Corp. and the said Foundation project will be administered in such way so that the HubTrack® Systems will always be dedicated to, in the first place, and forever, for their best and unique ability to meet Science-based Frontier scenarios found to and proven to be set within the natural boundaries of world life-ecosystems' inherent life cycles and equilibriums.


The general mission of the Foundation will be to respectfully supply HubTrack® Systems in all future eventualities, times, places, situations, locations, timeframes and scales, without any other interest, or other end, than to mediate and to pacify internal and international sustainability development needs relating to mobility necessities, in respect of the world life-ecosystems' preservation; everywhere a HubTrack access is possible and needed for necessary goods and resources.

We believe, at HubTrack Corp., that all societies, their people, institutions, companies and governments may run of out time before we run out of ESS Frontier-proven sustainability solutions made operational on-time, for all, and forever.


We believe, at HubTrack Corp., that sustainability solutions and resources are needed and must be made operational within a critical and timely manner of only 10 years - meaning by 2030 - to reach, for good and for all, an overall technological and financial development management of Frontier sustainability solutions set within the natural boundaries of world life-ecosystems' inherent cycles and equilibriums.


HubTrack Corp. will include in 2021-22, to the said HubTrack® Alternative Securities' financing of Frontier sustainability solutions, the full financing of the future said Foundation for its 2022-23 operations.


The Foundation will focus on scientific research and development of high-end HubTrack® Systems solutions for Frontier sustainability applications and solutions. Such solutions will aim at the provision of basic HubTrack® Systems capable of responding to humanitarian and environmental crises relating to world life-ecosystems' shifts and variations; with foresight towards inter-generational and international solidarity, and unlimited worldwide and human-led scale sustainable economic development growth.


Through the future Foundation, scientific peers and institutions, and all supporting partners, will bring the HubTrack® Systems to evermore efficient, secure and sustainable levels, and humanitarian and environmental partners will in turn provide basic HubTrack® Systems for an evermore reliable, fast and safe access to essential resources.