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Benefits with HubTrack® Mobility


Capital Cost Efficiency

Helical Traction can replace multiple mechanical parts in a single system =

  • Reduction of capital costs. 


  • Reduction of maintenance costs.


  • Lower sources of breakdowns. 


  • Lower sources of energy losses.

HubTrack® can run with electric or combustion, hydraulic or air pump engines =


  • Economies of scale & scope with cross-technological integration.

model a hd.jpg

The HubTrack® helical drive system is a traction & transmission that provides many functions into only one function. 


Operational Efficiencies at All Times & All Speeds, Under All Loads

Lower energy consumption ratio for given load capacity over a given distance =

  • Lower operational costs. 


  • 80% to 90% efficient along acceleration & high torque moment.

Smooth, low wearing, direct & powerful acceleration =


  • Practical low resistance traction-transmission at high torque moment, ideal for the diaplacement of variable loads.

Helical traction combined with hub wheel motors can deliver constant torque at high speed and can provide continuous and higher torque at lower speed to better perform along accelerations and steep inclines =

  • Optimal operational costs & performance.


Optimal Logistics Operational Costs with Autonomous Units & Mutualization Operations

HubTrack® enables optimal on-demand management & greater freedom of execution in comparison to single flow conveying systems & to locomotive power output's efficiency range =

  • Added value solution to all logistics operations.

The HubTrack® drive vehicles can operate continuously or variably, individually or interdependently in series =

  • Added value solution to all logistics operations.


Affordable Core Design & Scalable Integration

Multi-functional & multi-modal HubTrack® core design to generate economies of scale & scope  =

  • Customized HubTrack vehicles at lower capital costs.

Scalable & modular on-demand design for all market access =

  • Multi-sectoral integration at better costs.

scalable a.jpg


Reliable, Simple, Safe & Adaptable Self-Guiding Equipment

The HubTrack® tubular rails are enforced with external multi-functional brackets & lateral flat bar edges =

  • Fully integrated, self-constituted & readily operational guideway solution.

b single.jpg


Lost-Cost, Simple, Fast & Safe Assembly

Simple modular assembly of the HubTrack® rails' end-to-end brackets =

  • Simple solution.


5 to 10 minutes to assemble two sections together =

  • Low-cost assembly.


Reduction of workforce and of labor time =

  • Safer assembly operations. 

Less landscaping work & direct implementation onto ground surfaces & overland structures =

  • Faster, easier & low-cost solution implementation.

model a_edited.jpg


Accessible, Practical, Movable &
Adjustable Rail Product Concept 

Readily operational infrastructure to overcome obstacles such as gaps & height levels =

  • Practical solution.

  • Lower cost access. 


Movable & adjustable applications such as ramps for the inter-modal transshipping of material =

  • Safe & universal standardized transloading platform.


Low-Cost & Self-Sustainable Maintenance
Safer & Reliable Flow of Operations

Integrated self-cleaning forward motion with axial rotation to toss out debris = 

  • Low-cost maintenance.

  • Lower breakdown risks.

  • Safer mobility. 

tube self clean.jpg

Self-guiding ''wheel-in-Rail'' design, with tubular rails holding the helical drive wheels firmly encircled within the tubular rail guideway, enhanced with underhung and enclosed design of rails =

  • Risk reduction of derailments.

  • Lower labor incidents.

  • Safer end-to-end & just-in-time agile rescheduling.

  • Lower equipment breakdowns.


  • Lower material losses & better margins.

  • Better supply chain flow.

b 3tubres 2_edited.jpg

     Benefits of the HubTrack® Drive System


  • Greater access through overcoming seamlessly multiple transit systems, distances & gaps in single transshipping operations.

  • Fewer handling operations through direct & seamless multi-modal guideway links.

  • Readily operational drive vehicle & guideway systems.

  • Greater energy autonomy for a given energy supply.

  • Lower operational costs through lower energy consumption & greater energy conservation.

  • Quicker displacement of greater volume for greater throughput.

  • Utilization time maximization of relating handling & transit systems.

  • Reduction of downtime & of bottlenecks along the transit chain.

  • Shorter cycle time & better lead time management of mobile storage & multi-modal transshipping operations.

  • Optimal input cost to output value with exact on-demand availability & capacity.

  • Fewer & cheaper replacement parts.

  • Quicker repair downtime & less maintenance.

  • Cheaper custom design of guideway & vehicle.

  • Economies of scale over production of guideway & vehicle through core design manufacturing. 

  • Faster & simpler guideway installation.

  • Added value to existing transit & infrastructure systems.

  • Greater labor productivity.

  • Risk reduction of cargo losses & of potential labor incidents.

  • Greater security of operations in a controlled environment and with automated operations.


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Drive Systems

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