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Circular Industrial Operations

Connecting Resources & People

 Mutualization Operations



Powerful &

Scalable, Modular & Adaptable to Functions

Robust, Smooth, Precise &

          HubTrack® Benefits & Advantages


  • Optimal cost structuring of rolling stock, operational logistics & design for multi-functional, multi-modal & independent driving units that operate continuously or variably, individually or interdependently in series, among multiple handing & transit systems found in most commercial & industrial sectors.

  • Simple & robust all-in-one drive system with electric, combustion, hydraulic or air pump engines.

  • Safe self-guiding & self-cleaning system with traction wheels kept firmly inside the guideway at all times and constantly removing debris off and out of guideway.

  • Powerful & smooth traction that delivers high torque couple continuously at all times, & capable to overcome steep gradients.

  • Energy efficient & practical motorization that operates at constant full-load rate independently of gradient, speed, direction reversal, stop & cargo weight variations.

  • Modular guideway and drive vehicle systems for variable length, scale & design configurations.

  • Permanent or temporary & movable guideway course configuration to allow display modifications & multifunctional applications in various sites.

  • All-environment adaptable guideway for multi-modal operations.




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